Treo 700w - A Bad Review vs A Professional Review

Alltough gadget reviews are usually very positive in tone, today I came across with a review that ripped phone to pieces by focusing only to negative issues. This just shows how much reviewers personal opinions about user interface and other features can affect in overall reviews.

Treo 700w - A Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone

  • ZDNet’s Review
    This is very negative in tone. Instead of covering what Treo 700w provides and has managed to do successfully, this is a list of faults and reviewers personal dislikes. A very bad review (and editorial content).
  • TreoCenter’s review
    This review is very professional, covering both positive and negative aspects. As a whole, it is very much inline with other Treo 700w reviews.

The lesson with this is “never trust a single review”.

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