Treo 650 - The King Of Smartphones ?

One of those things you see very rarely in Europe are smart phones other than Nokia. However, the variety of available smartphones globally is much wider and one of the most wanted smartphones globally is Palm Treo 650.

Palm Treo 650With first look, the most distinct features are bulky appearance and QWERTY keyboard. But this phone has lots of goodies that justify a bit clumsy appearance…

Internet capabilities

Treo’s email client alone makes the phone stand out from the crowd. By default Treo ships with VersaMail 3.0 Email Client that enables direct connections to AOL, Gmail and Yahoo! amongst normal options (POP, IMAP, APOP, ESMTP). For business users this phone has also lots of email related goodies - HTML emails, 5MB attachment support with possibility to edit and view word, excel and powerpoint files. And of course versatile possibilities to hook up to corporate network for updates and synchronization. And there are even additional email clients available.

Web browser, called Blazer, is one impressive piece that can only be matched by Opera Mini. Blazer is capable of dealing most web pages and techniques, including framesets, javascript and cookies - something most mobile browsers can’t do. Possibility to save / download web based files for later use is a huge benefit.

An interesting adaption of networking features is also Avannu, which enables remote access to home or office computer from Treo 650 smartphone. Only time will tell if this is a hit or miss, but it seems as a feature that some users might like.

And naturally there’s the standard bluetooth connectivity.

Media capabilities

A phone without media capabilities is nothing these days, and therefore Treo 650 is shipped with all the essentials (and bit more). Built-in digital camera enables to take impressive digital memories with resolution of 640×480 for photos or 352×288 for videos. Naturally sharing digital memories is made relatively easy via email or picture messaging. For hardcore media users, the possibility to use standard SD or MMC cards is a usefull feature.

For music, the Treo ships with RealPlayer. This provides nothing revolutionary with standard options to listen mp3 via the built-in speaker or with your own stereo headphones.

To make sure media playback without too much twitching, Treo ships with Intel PXA270 330MhZ processor, which provides impressive multimedia performance and power savings. Default RAM memory of 32MB is well enough for medium usage.

As the final treat, Treo provides lots of additional addons both in software and hardware.

Control and other features

Like most smartphones, Treo ships with touchscreen and stylus that enable fast and accurate control. For people who talk a lot a separate headset is also available.

With the Treo 650, smartphones just keep getting smarter and better. It’s beautiful, functional and reliable - all you could want.

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