Mobile Entertainment Industry To Seek Haven From Digital Rights Management

If a recent research by Frost & Sullivan is to believe, DRM (digital rights management) is rushing in to save European mobile content industry.

The news is sad and short: Piracy costs 3.5 billion euros to European mobile entertainment providers . The figure is huge, nearly 50%.of entire revenue generated by industry.

The interesting issue with the article is definition of mobile piracy:

80% of mobile phone content has been hacked or downloaded onto mobile phones, illegally from websites, or through the use of Bluetooth, memory cards and other storage devices.

I don’t know if it’s me, but from the quote above I get the impression that if you happen to own a piece of legally acquired music on pc/bluetooth capable gadget, and you transfer it to your mobile as a ringtone, you do an act of piracy? An interesting concept…

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