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The markets of 3G services and devices are very interesting. Yesterday I came across with a recent large-scale (4,000 consumers) marketing study stating (very clearly) that most users would like to use their 3G phones for surfing the internet and reading emails. Sound easy as most smart phones have had these features since day one… Today‚Äôs news included a headline about a study by TNS Technology stating that 25% of 3G users will not use any of the available networking features in 3G phones due to high pricing of 3G/WiFI-services, and rest use them very sparingly.

My personal opinion is that there has to be some business sense with pricing, but currently most 3G pricing schemes are very clear overkills providing either unnecessary services or limitations or simply too high a price. IMO it’s very clear that prices must drop, and in future we might even see 100% free (ad funded) 3G connections (but that’s the future).

As a business user my wish list is very simple: unlimited monthly data transfer, acceptable transfer speed, available everywhere and fixed monthly pricing. I know there are several solutions to match my needs, but at the momentum they carry a staggering price tag. Like most 3G capable phone owners I ponder a simple question: is it worth it? Sadly there is no clear answer, and the Internet is definitely lacking a good “comparison / checklist tool” to compare various options realistically.

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