Designer Cell Phones By Fiat - Can A Mobile Get Any Better Than This?

If you’re a motorcycle owner there’s no better gift than getting something with initials HD carved into it. Car owners on the other hand usually don’t have similar passion, but like always there are exceptions.

Fiat logo Fiat, one of the oldest car manufacturers in Europe has a long and interesting history, which also means a lot of people have lost their heart and soul to this Italian wonder. To make Fiat users and collectors even more happier, Fiat is bringing in a new set of toys. And with toys I mean Fiat Cell Phones that combine the latest tech and classical Fiat outlook.

In terms of technical specs, these phones have all the necessary from MP3 to digital camera and Bluetooth. And since most latest models of Fiat come in with inbuilt Bluetooth capabilities, talking with your car has never been easier (a lousy expression, but a true one). What I personally tough like with this phone is the appearance of phones (dark blue+ cold aluminium); these are pure eye-candy. The full range of these phones will become available in selected designer stores and boutiques across Italy this month, and then around Europe during the summer period.

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