Men Behind The Success of Nokia, Apple and Motorola

One of the things you rarely notice with common everyday appliances is how good they look at and how comfortable they are to use. However, if the device is ugly or uncomfortable it is noticed within seconds. The difference between good and bad experience is usually because of world class industrial designer - they imagine and render complex and geeky pieces of plastic to simple and fun to use/watch widgets. So, who are the real people behind the success of names like Nokia, Apple or Motorola and what are they like (links with names point to interesting interviews).

Frank Nuovo was the vice president and chief designer at Nokia for more than a decade. For many, he is the man responsible of Nokia’s success story. Nuovo left his post at Nokia this month, and it is interesting to see how his follower Alastair Curtis manages and what Nuovo will do next. At least Nokia is doing some heavy re-design with their design branch.

Jonathan Ive is the man behind iMac and many other Apple Inventions including iPod. The man who reinvented Apple is a title any designer would be more than proud off. The big question of course is how long Ive continues with Apple and could Apple survice the second time?

Jim Wicks is the man responsible of Motorola’s new slim design, including smash hit RAZR (razor) phone.

Forbes magazine has also a very nice list of top 10 industrial designers in 2005. What combines all these people is passionate love towards their work and incredible innovative talent - something that has made great designers like Carl Faberge to remain in the books of history.

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