A Killer Application Nokia Should Make

Thinking of Nokia slogan (“Nokia - Connecting People”) I am completely amazed they haven’t invented / included an inbuilt mobile social meeting application to their mobiles. Idea would be extremely simple:

  • A phone owner could make and store a personal, “social profile” to their phone. I.e. Are they looking for friends, affair, adventure, old school friends etc.
  • When at groceries, partying, on street etc. the phone would start alerting when there was a potential match in the neighbourhood.
  • All would run on technologies available on most phones, ie. Bluetooth and possibly GPRS.

I did some digging on Google, and it turned out there are few mobile social applications that use a similar idea. One of the longest running seems to be Proxidating, a Bluetooth powered mobile dating service with already 20 million users worldwide. However, I would like to see an application that goes beyond one purpose and/or age group.

So Why Nokia should do it? This kind of system is never going to be popular with commercial service providers because of it’s incapability to generate revenue. Since the only network related activity would be downloading the software, it could never be a cashing cow like ringtones, online games etc. premium mobile services.

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