A Mobile That Could Replace Your 32" WideScreen TV

With the recent wave of 3G phones watching video clips and TV trough mobile devices is hardly anything new. However, I doubt that any reason minded adult would exchange a 32" widescreen TV (in our family a 32" Sony FD Trinitron) to a pesky screen mobiles have. Especially if there are kids in the family, it could easily mean a revolution. So how a mobile device could walk over the almighty 32" widescreen television? ?

The answer crossed my mind while watching an old Sci-Fi movie (yes, like most geeks I like science faction and fantasy): holography or projections. Instead of placing the picture on the screen why not to project it somewhere, and more preferably something portable?

Because I have very limited knowledge in physics don’t blame me if the ideas below are technically impossibly (I’m just throwing out ideas). However, if they work and you end up making millions please send me at least a postcard ;)

There are in fact only few technical parts this kind of mobile device would need. The first one is of course projector. After some googling I came across with a Toshiba projector that is about the size of paperback and runs on batteries - I can only imagine that within few years time this could fit to pocket size which means it could go inside a mobile device.

Another part would be the screen. This has several interesting possibilities. One of the most interesting comes from a Finnish company Fogscreen. The FogScreen is just as the name suggests - a screen made out of water fog. The installation is easy: just replace the conventional screen with FogScreen. And it works with standard video projectors. I don’t know how much it requires water/electricity and how hard it is to install, but IMO it would be a nice alternative to living room. If nothing else it could act as a room humidifier.

An alternative solution could use video Bluetooth and some level of electronic paper techniques. This would not require external projector as the paper reads incoming data directly. With traditional ePaper the problem is with low frequency rate, but solutions like electrowetting displays are on their way making it possible to watch real time video on paper.

Even more Science Fiction reaching display solutions are holograms. One of the problems with 3D holographic is that they require image data from at least 2 sources. An interesting solution of 3D holographics are so called 3D cylinder holographigs. They remind a lot of zoetropes which means the film wrapped around could someday possibly be replaced with electronic paper displays. And if those electronic paper displays are linked to mobiles using Bluetooth Video, then our living rooms have entered the Star Trek era.

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