Apple iPhone released finally - random notes

Well, I think this is the biggest news today. Apple officially announced Apple iPhone at MacWorld. Some quick notes:

The good news is that iPhone is not a Symbian phone. No offense towards Symbian fans, but if I had to choose between Windows, Symbian or Mac on my cellphone, Symbian would be the last choise.

Touchscreen… My bet for clickwheel based navigation was wrong. I wonder how well the touchscreen (and phone surface) are coated. Cell phones are treated much differently than iPods and must survive with much tougher handling.

About camera… Only 2 megapixels. I had hoped something more inline with current digital cameras. Storage of 4-8 gigabytes seems large enough for starters, but I think it will (and must) grow in upcoming releases.

Screen size and resolution… In most PDA devices the resolution is higher than iPhone’s 320×480, but it is still beating most phones like Nokia’s E61. Hopefully Apple can also work up the resolution with upcoming iPhones.

Battery… I think this is the weakest link. Up to 5 hours Talk / Video / Browsing and up to 16 hours Audio playback.

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