AdSense To Storm Into Your Mobile?

If a recent study by IDC is to believe in, then contextual advertising (like AdSense) and other formats of Internet advertising (like banners) will ride to your mobile screen very soon. As operator revenues from network usage continue to go down, they are forced to seek in new methods to generate incomes. And one such is to believed mobile advertising.

Imagine walking in the street when your mobile starts to vibrate. You look at it, and it shows you trailer of a new hit movie. In the end, there is a message “come and see this movie at cinemas around the corner”. Tempting or not ? Especially given the introduction of free browsing and flat-rate 3G pricing plans this kind of advertising could bring interesting adoptions that will fight for consumer interests more fiercely than ever.

According to IDC end users could accept mobile advertising, provided there is a code that is respected and followed. To put it simple: opt-in ads that are targeted, useful and meaningful. Sounds familiar?

One of the strongest players in this market is without the doubt Google - the golden favourite boy of geeks not to mention other search giants Yahoo! and MSN Search. All have the technology to provide targeted ads, all have local searches (i.e. you can locate services near you) and yes, all have mobile technology related projects and patents (like voice based search) going on.

So look out. If Adsense is not in your mobile within few years time the cows will fly and I’ll be jumping around dressed as Easter bunny. Happy Easter!

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