My name is Keijo Kortelainen, aka 2k, and I am the owner and CEO of Koulutus- ja konsultointipalvelu KK Mediat. KK Mediat is a Finnish based marketing and consulting agency focused on Internet and Telecoms (IT) solutions.

This blog exists for several reasons:

  • To experiment…

    I’m a geek and my way of living a dangerous life consists of testing code / applications with real users in limited environment. This website is something you can consider to be my personal playground - it is used as an experimental sandbox before solutions are taken into customer/production websites. So if you see “Call to undefined function()…” , “500 Internal Server Error” or extremely irritating adverts you know I’ve been playing with something.
  • To share…

    Another aspect of my geekiness is sharing information. I’ve worked in IT-industry since the mid90’s, the last 5 years running my own business. A decade has taught me a lot - what I know is harder to define than what I don’t know…

The contents of this blog are my personal views about mobile technology and mobile information society. Why such a topic? To be short:

  1. I wanted to blog about something worthwhile I have a very personal relationship and good insight.

    Since I already write a lot (like about webdevelopment (in finnish) and search engine optimization & marketing) this is good topic.
  2. I have a long history with mobile application development and branding mobile services.

    Currently main interest lies in Macromedia Flash Mobile environment / solutions, but since I know most techniques involved (ASP, .NET, J2EE, PHP, XML,XSLT, WAP etc) there is a change I occasionally blog about these too… Another set of interest is branding and marketing of mobile, premium content services. If you think this is kids play think again - ringtones alone are a global market worth $5.2bn in 2006, mobile games are expected to be 2x more.
  3. Finland is the official NokiaLand

    If you haven’t heard about Finland then you at least know Nokia. Nokia is of Finnish origin (geek alert: same applies more or less for Linux, MySQL and IRC also)… What intrigues me is how Nokia did a phenomenal rise from a company that originally made car tires and rubber boots into the biggest cell phone manufacturer of the world. Since my father worked in car tire factory I have almost 30 year relationship to Nokia.

Hope you enjoy it and feel welcome to comment and give feedback.
Best wishes

PS. If you expect to find *classified information* about unreleased phone models, applications etc be disappointed - there isn’t going to be any such information.

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